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The WEGENER GROUP is made up of several companies, each contributing their capabilities and wide experience in the field of envelopes. This does not only ensure stability, but also the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing market.


AWA COUVERT produces with awamatic®, an extremely sensitive high-tech component for high-speed processing of automated mail processing as a top-level development.



WZ EUROCOPERT convinces the client with cost-effective production and high quality standards, not only in the field of automatic mailing products, but also regarding the complete envelope range.

AWA FRANCE is the Group's "all-rounder", with products ranging from the top brand awamatic® for high-speed inserter systems to the equipping of special unwinding sytems such as the "Tornado" for the French market.


Presently focused mainly on the European market, this combination provides the highest degree of flexibility, to meet the requirements of practically each and every envelope customer.



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