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In these exciting, sometimes adventurous, times of globalisation and increasingly hard competition, one basic principle has proven what its worth: if you want to progress and succeed, you have to set yourself targets and find better solutions to follow than all other competitors, in order to open up new fields of opportunities where there is plenty to be gained.


You need ambition and certainly courage as well. However, for a visionary management a new road always means a great challenge with a clear objective in view: new ways to success.


The dynamic WEGENER_GROUP was established with the desire to create a new , radically different company. With the incentive to work even more effectively and creatively and to offer solutions, not mass-produced, but customised to assist our customers.


Our goal was and still is to create a company which, while welcoming efficient technology and processes, retains its human touch and enables its employees to develop their own creativity.


Since then, one thing has been confirmed: thanks to our own structure and culture, we have become a valuable and inspiring partner to our customers and with our solutions and products, bringing about changes and achieving success.


Since the beginning of the WEGENER GROUP operations a great deal has happened: new partners have joined us and new ideas have emerged. However, our basic principles have not changed, they have proven their worth and are continuously being updated.


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