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The present-day companies originated from the family enterprise founded in 1923 by August Wegener who ran the "Hannoversche Gummieranstalt". The innovation and creativity of the founder has continued over the decades.


From gummed cigarette paper to self-adhesive postcards and postage stamps, in the meantime the enterprise called AWA (August Wegener Alfeld), developed into the leading producer of standard envelopes and envelopes for automatic mail processing.


In the 70's, the product COUVERTiC® provided the basis for the worldwide production of automatic mail envelopes which still maintain the DIN-standard validity today.

Thanks to its continuous development in co-operation with leading envelope machine manufacturers, COUVERTiC® progressed from envelopes for automatic mail processing to a high-tech component of modern output management which has since conquered the global market as awamatic®.



In order to meet the growing demands of the market, AWA not only invested in the continuous development and improvement of its products, but also in its own company structure.


With the foundation of the WEGENER_ GROUP in 2001a high level was reached inthe successful history of the company, which simultaneously meant the beginning of a new road to even higher goals.

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