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Evidently perfection does not exist when you cannot add anything more, but rather when you cannot take anything more away.”(Antoine de Saint Exupéry)


That is why, the WEGENER_GROUP should really be satisfied with what we have achieved. Obviously we are, although not just satisfied but proud and grateful as well.


We always have plenty more to add to our achievements: ideas, plans, visions, desires

and even dreams - as many and diverse as the people working together in the WEGENER_GROUP. We talk to each other about them.


Working for the WEGENER_GROUP means taking part in a permanent brainstorming session in which creativity is communicated - even if at times it might seem rather far-fetched. It is only through being far-fetched that we can leave well-trodden paths and seek new roads, with always one aim in mind: success.

Michael Wegener


Although the WEGENER GROUP would like to present itself as different and diverse, we still are a team in which all team players work well together.


'Brotherhood in Mind' is our motto, which incidentally does not just apply to the people working in the WEGENER_GROUP but also to our customers.

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