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'Do what you can' is a truism that needs no further explanation or does it?


At AWA COUVERT, we do what we can, namely make envelopes for automatic mailing systems. Other companies do this as well.

The difference is the fact that AWA COUVERT can simply do a lot more than the others and can do it even better.


The top product offered by AWA COUVERT is more than just an envelope for automatic mail processing. awamatic® is a high-tech component in the sensitive, high-speed process of modern output-management.


awamatic® is not only fast, but also reliable. The 'anti-stopper guarantee' proves that you can put your trust in awamatic®, even under the most extreme conditions.


Decades of know-how, combined with creative and innovative developments have resulted in AWA COUVERT becoming the

European market leader for this segment of the industry.


Growing demand for products 'made by AWA' and the highest level of customer satisfaction are indicators of the company's success.


Good, but not good enough forAWA COUVERT.In close cooperation with leading envelope machine manufacturers and customers, awamatic® undergoes continuous optimisation.


Reaching perfection and then still going a step further.

AWA COUVERT - simply different than the others.

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