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The city of Szczecinek is located in northern Poland, surrounded by the picturesque lakeland area of Drawsko. Formed 10,000 years ago by the last of the Scandinavian glaciers, a magnificent landscape of hills, gorges and lakes was created which is now known for its abundance of flora and fauna.


A lot faster, but also shaped by natural growth, was the development of WZ EUROCOPERT, founded in Szczecinek in 1989.

This company which was established long before the opening of the East was even

thought of, with a far-sighted management, has now become the third major column of the WEGENER GROUP.

Initially focusing on the Polish market, today WZ EUROCOPERT produces a complete range of products for customers throughout Europe - showing an upward trend.


The 'intelligent envelope' COUVERTiC®, manufactured in Szczecinek to a high standard of quality, is also coming under increasing demand on the growing Eastern European markets.


A full range, reasonable prices, a high standard of quality and last but not least, perfect service, are guarantees for the growing success of this company. An extensive and exceedingly flexible plant and machinery, highly motivated and well-trained workers as well as a creative management team provide the ideal platform for the company's ambitious goals: the conquest of new markets.

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